Thursday, January 28, 2010

Few 'wh' questions...

Finally... Finally I have resumed my blogging habit. It took a hell lot of time...
To be honest, I am still confused what is the driving force behind???

It might be few 'wh'-questions we never can answer satisfactorily... Satisfaction is another relative entity I guess. But after living the first 30 years of my life for others, the same question started to haunt me again. Who am I??? See.. yet another 'wh'-question !!!

Sometimes I wonder, when did I come to this earth!!!

Obviously my birth certificate has an answer, but is it the right time, I came? Is it not something like another life took the entry???

But how do I know, when 'I' came?

I am talking about the 'me' I know or else trying to know???

When I look back, I find lot of changes happened over the period of time... The school going boy was different from the man today!!! Everyday I change... slowly and give birth to another 'me'... Is it not the same with every one??? In that case, once again, the same questions are just mounting the thoughts.... Isn't it?

Who am I?
When did I came?

Some more important investigations....

What am I doing?
What did I want to do?
Where is the destination?
and where am I heading towards????

What are the thoughts that should come to my mind and what are the thoughts that coming in reality?????

Why I am here??????

"I don't know all the answers,
what is store in future - even that is not sure!!!
But can try to locate few such tiny questions...
We will find the answers out...

Together :-)"

Now a days I really feel that life is the sum total of few 'wh'-questions; some answered, few unanswered....

But the questions are actually the fuel... probably the driving force!!!!
The journey is on... no matter what I have :-)

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  1. matter moves on...with some fights...and lots of love :-)