Sunday, July 24, 2011

Habit of not writing....

I thought so many times of writing few words every day!!!

But my random laziness (or something more critical/ and or simple) stops me... Is it a starting problem or pick up problem!!!??? I really don't know... but these days, I have lost interest in so many things I used to love a lot at one time!!!

Finally I justify (console?) myself: if I write everyday there will not be much taker... and you know, moreover, the good things should not repeat so often!!! That's why comets are so important!!! You have to keep the mystery live buddy.... Come on, it hardly matters if you are not so intelligent, but you must behave so :-P

And I again end up in developing a habit of not writing (doing) anything!!!

I suppose a good habit... what say???

1 comment:

  1. On the contrary, it’s not. It’s important to write, not for your readers, not for the comments, but for yourself. And hardly matters if there are no takers. Writing helps you look back at things, and also look forward, helps you understand how you have evolved over the years :)